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Father Demetrios Serfes

Fr. Demetrios Serfes

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Son Of GOD,
Have Mercy,
Upon Me,
A Sinner!

"The Jesus Prayer"

Also known as "The Prayer of the Heart"

Missionary Support

Update On The
Donations For
Decani Monastery
Relief Fund-Status Report

Decani Monastery Brotherhood with Bishop Artemije, and Abbot

Decani Monastery Brotherhood with
Bishop Artemije, and Abbot Theodosius

Father Demetrios Serfes
12 November 1998
Boise, ID USA.

Peace begins with love and concern for others!

Dear Friends In Christ Our Lord,

God Love And God Bless You For Your Loving Kindness!

Thanks be to our God and to those who love others and care for others in great need.

I would like to present to you an update on the donations of the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund". Later I shall present you with a status report from Veljko Sikirica, who has established a bank account in Bethesda, Maryland, for this vital relief fund for the Serbian Orthodox  Decani Monastery, Serbia.

Theses kind donations collected will be given in person to the Decani Monastery.

This letter is to also give thanks to those who have reached deep into their hearts and have offered their love and concern for this much needed support for the Monastery, whose desire to help the suffering souls in the area. There are people living in plastic tents, we have people knocking on the doors of not only this monastery, but also others in this general area. There are people simply crying out for help and kindness.  Can we really shut up our hearts to these desperate needs?  Let us open them wide in Christian love, and further support this Decani Monastery Relief Fund.

We can easily imagine that this is going to be a most serious situation for all those in desperate need. Some say is it too late, but it's never to late to help the refugees and all the needy citizens.  It's never to late to help those who require medical attention, food, shelter, or clothing, or even simply our Christian love and concern for "peace and good will among all men"!

As we all approach the feast of our Lord's Holy Nativity, let us all reflect on what we can do to help others, following the lifestyle shown us by our Lord Jesus Christ, who was born to unite us with our God, to seek our salvation, to behold His Kingdom, and above all to love one another.

We must, good friends and God-loving souls, keep up our support during these coming winter months and into the spring of 1999.

God's blessing upon the following who have helped and have shown a great deal of support, and in giving their donations.  Won't you too join this list of good souls who have helped.

Once a month these names will be published and they will be submitted for prayer to the holy Serbian Orthodox Monastery Visoki Decani, Serbia. Each person will also receive a letter of appreciation from the Monastery.

Donations Made for the Decani Monastery Relief Fund as of 11 November 1998:

1. Very Reverend H. Greorgy Dudash
2. Edward Rosenberg
3. Nancy Rosenberg
4. John Tkachuk
5. Mary Tkachuk
6. David Binder
7. Nagib Khalifa
8. Mona Khalifa
9. John Gavrilovic
10. Vera Gavrilovic
11. LuisePutcamp, Jr.
12. William Z. Yovanovich
13. Ruth B. Yovanovich
14. Nikola Stepanovich
15. Janje Stepanovich
16. Vera Gavrilovic
17. Gojko Vuckovic
18. Ivana Ognjanovic

Peace and good will to your souls, and thank you so much!

Submitted humbly by Rev. Presbyter Demetrios Serfes and Veljko Sikirica.

If you would like to make a loving donation and would like to have more information about the Appeal For Support Decani Monastery Relief Fund".

Thanks to John Wilson Smith for his assistance for this text.

Peace and good will among all men!

With The Love Of Christ Our Lord,
+ Rev. Father Demetrios Serfes
Who Prays For You & With You!

Holy St. Sava,

Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To GOD For All Things!