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Portrait of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas & Family (Holy Transfiguration Monastery)
Portrait of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas & Family
(Holy Transfiguration Monastery)
In Loving Commemoration Of The 81st Anniversary Of The The Martyrdom Of Tsar Nicholas II & Family Of Russia 1918-1999

Father Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.
June 24 1999

On July 17, 1999 will be the 81st Commemoration of the Holy Martyrdom of Emperor Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Tsarina Alexandra, Grand Duke Tsarevich Alexis, Grand Duchess Olga, Grand Duchess Tatiana, Grand Duchess Marie, and Grand Duchess Anastasia.  Additionally we remember those devoted friends who perished with the Royal Family: Dr. Eugene Botkin, Anna Demindova, Alexei Trupp, and Ivan Karinotov.

In presenting to you most humbly this loving commemoration of the Imperial Romanov Family, and their friends, we must understand that it's important to keep this commemoration alive. We must not neglect or forget the horrific martyrdom of the Royal Family and friends.

What makes this commemoration important is that we are, among the many loving faithful Christians around the world, many who have expressed their belief that the Royal Family are truly Imperial Royal Martyrs.  It is these same faithful loving Christians who helping, by their words and their prayers,  to urge  His Holiness Patriarch Alexis II, and his Synod of Bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate in Russia, to seriously consider, in a pious spiritual manner, at the Synod of Bishops meeting that will take place in the year 2000, allowing the Glorification and Holy Canonization of the Imperial Royal Martyrs to take place.

Every July the 17th the world almost stops and reflects on the Imperial Royal Family of Russia, and the millions upon millions of the Holy New Martyrs of Russia.  We stop to go through these eventful hours, and we even stand in prayer at the hour of the Holy Martyrdom of the Royal Family. Services are held in many Orthodox Churches and even in the homes of many individuals.  Many who love the Royal Martyrs and New Martyrs of Russia, spend the whole day and evening in this reflection, and all of us should do so in prayers as well.

One personally if not able to attend a Church service can also do so at home, by reading the Akathist to the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II. You can read the Akathist by clicking here.   Also you can read some prayers I have written for the Royal Martyrs of Russia Tsar Nicholas II and Family here.

The interest in the Royal Martyrs of Russia, and as others like to indicate the Passion Bearers, has indeed grown in not only Russia itself, but in many other countries throughout the world.  This is quite obvious in the many new publications in regards to the Royal Martyrs, as well as the videos, and the interest posted on the internet.  When you search about the Royal Martyrs on the internet one can see the thousands of links in relating to this subject matter.  Web sites have increased in abundantly, and people are accessing these web sites, as the "hit counters" show, many thousands of times in the year!  Not only is truthful and honest historical information being sought, and abundantly presented, but an increase of spiritual interest has also developed in regards to the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, and including, I might add, the lives of the New Martyrs of Russia.

In any society that deals seriously with marriage and family, as it now seems that the Imperial Romanov Family are looked upon as a great example of the good and most religious family of the twentieth century.  The Tsar and Tsarina themselves without a doubt had a deep love for one another, and were most faithful to each other, to their most loving children, as well as to their friends.  All them loved not only each other, but believed and loved God, His Church, and the people of Russia with a profound conviction. The Russian Orthodox Faith was indeed deeply respected by the Royal Family, and it was their belief that gave each of them faith, and endurance, not only during their everyday life, but even towards their end.

Often it has been expressed that the Tsar himself was a person of great humility and of great kindness, and who often expressed hope for a better understanding of loving one another as Empire.  The children  of the Royal Family where indeed most gracious, kind, respectful, polite, and deeply religious.  It was without a doubt that both the Tsar and Tsarina educated their children well, and gave them all a deep religious conviction which later onwards helped them all as they faced their Gethesame, which actually began in early March of 1917, in Tsarskoe Selo, then in July in Tobolsk, and finally in 1918 Ykaterinburg -a Gethesame which became for them all including their devoted friends, Golgatha!

This religious faith of all the Imperial Royal Family and Friends began not just begin while everyone was under house arrest, it happened long before that.  It was obvious, and we have accounts of the Tsarina Alexandra asking for a priest to Bless their journey (it is a pious custom for Orthodox Christians that before they travel to have the parish priest read prayers for those that travel) before being transferred from Tsarskoe Selo, under house arrest to Tobolsk, only to have their request refused!  On many other occasions the Royal Family requested were denied religious assistance, but in some instances this was granted. The inappropriate manner the way the Royal Family was treated and the priest when they were in Tsarskoe Selo as well in Tobolsk and in Ykaterinburg is clearly reported.

The last two weeks before the actual horrific massacre of the Royal Family and Friends, the priest and the nuns of the local Russian Orthodox Church were refused access to them.  We have accounts of most cruel actions against the Royal Family at all three house arrests (Tsarskoe Selo, in Tobolsk, and in Ykaterinburg).

One would piously think that once this happened, the Royal Family knew well these days were beginning to be a great deal of strain on them all, but they prevailed!  Why? In the last month or so the window at the Ipatiev house was painted black, no more where the pious Royal Family able to see the Cross across the street that enlightened them and comforted them, and there was no more light in the physical sense.  However, keep spiritually in mind that the Royal Family had as well as their deep faith.  The Russian Orthodox Christian faith was indeed a stronghold for them all!  What do we find them doing during these last days, or even up to their arrest in the very beginning to the end?

Reading the Holy Scriptures, and the lives of the Saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the writings of the Holy Fathers of the Church. Let me also humbly point out to you that this was the norm of the day for the Royal Family right from the beginning of their lives.  We now have a list of the many items found after the Holy Martyrdom of Royal Family and Friends that where in the Ipatiev house in Ykaterinburg, Russia. These include not only personal items, but also many and I repeat many religious icons, and an abundance of prayer books and religious books. You can access to Bob Atchison web sites indicated in these findings by visiting http://www.alexanderpalace.org/place/yelist.html

We must remind ourselves that since the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow  will consider the Glorification and Holy Canonization of the Imperial Romanov Family, in the year 2000.  We too can assist by our prayers that this important matter is spiritually considered.

Secondly, we can write directly to the Patriarch of Moscow and to the Synod of Bishops. I have this information posted on my web site for your consideration: either use this letter or draft a similar letter and send it as soon as possible. Please be sure to either type or a letter by hand, and your returned address, date and sign it. You yourself shall help in the process of bringing fuller awareness to the Moscow Patriarchate that many people are extremely interested spiritually in the forthcoming Holy Canonization and Glorification of Tsar Nicholas and his family. You can read "An Appeal To Canonize With The Glorification of Emperor Tsar Nicholas II & Family" for more information.

Without a doubt the miracles on behalf of the Tsar Nicholas II and his beloved family have increased between the time of the martyrdom on July 17, 1918, up until their burial in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 17, 1998, and even afterwards.  These miracles will continue to occur! We have miracles on behalf of Tsar Nicholas II, we have miracles on behalf of the Tsarina Alexandra, we have miracles on behalf of Tsarevich Alexis, and we have miracles on behalf of Grand Duchess Maria.  If you are interested in these miracles, please write to me personally:

Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes,
2618 West Bannock Street,
Boise, Idaho  83702

Never have we seen such a serious historical and spiritual interest in the Royal Family of Russia since after the burial of the Royal Family in July of 1998.  More historians in Russia and in many other countries are finally writing many favorable accounts about the Royal Family.  More Russian Orthodox parish priest, including monks, and nuns, in Russia are now speaking out in favor of the forth coming Holy Canonization of the Royal Family, now more then any other time since the martyrdom in 1918.  A recent clergy meeting took place in Moscow and the issue was brought up to the local diocesan Bishop to consider his efforts to ask the Synod of Bishops and the Patriarch to spiritually consider the Holy Canonization of the Royal Family.  These eighty or so parish priest, and monks, wrote a petition from the Diocese of Moscow in this humble regards,  -you can write to me as well for a copy.

This 81st Commemoration of the horrific Martyrdom of Tsar Nicholas, his beloved Family, and Friends, should not be another historical event, but a time of reflection in prayer, as this event is very spiritual for many Christians who truly love the Royal Family, and feel very close to them, as many have indicated to me by either e-mail or by personal letters.

This is not only the situation with the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas and Family, but this is the same with the Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the New Martyr Nun Barbara - however keep in mind the Holy Canonization of Grand Duchess Elizabeth and Sister Barbara has already taken place by both the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in America, and the the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow, Russia.  Both Grand Duchess Elizabeth and Sister are now Saints in the whole Eastern Orthodox Church around the world, and that is to say among the Russia, Bulgarian, Albania, Serbia, Romania, and Greek Orthodox Churches.  Icons of the Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the New Martyr Nun Barbara can be now found in many Orthodox Churches.  It is now the loving Tsar Nicholas II and his Family we are spiritually concerned with, for the consideration of their canonization by the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow.  We would like to see happen in the year 2000.

Finally let me briefly indicate that those who had pretended to be either the Tsarevich Alexis, or his grandson, or relative of his, let me humbly express that his cannot be the case whatsoever, as many pious Christians believe.  We have historical accounts, that Tsarevich Alexis was martyred by not only several gunshots, but even bayoneted afterwards by the soldiers who killed him.  This also is true of Grand Duchess Anastasia!  This goes for Grand Duchess Maria!  The same is true for Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana!  Emperor Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra did not escape either, but were martyred along with their beloved children and most devoted friends.

Who was responsible?  All of us indeed!  Especially when we made the decision or came up with the idea that God does not exist any longer!  That we no longer need God nor the Church to sustain ourselves spiritually.  That we no longer needed a Tsar or any Emperor to rule the Empire that we now we able to rule without guidance, and without God.  Science became the new religion, communism and their ideals almost buried all of Russia.

In this beloved country many loved perished before our closed eyes, and our hearts where cold in not wanting to hear about the millions, upon millions of Bishops, Priest, Monks, Nuns, men, women and children suddenly all perished in martyrdom!  During the communist era and even up until this unfortunate hour we have still those who believe in the same false ideals.  The great hope we have however is the fact the parades and these anniversary events of November the 7th are smaller by the year.  However, the voices are still loud and most cruel in it's remark.

We have all heard comments about the Tsar being depot...etc.  The Imperial Romanov Family cannot even rest in peace, as they did not do so for almost two years before their horrific martyrdom, and now the voices of unjust remarks prevail, but not for long!  The Canonization and Glorification of His Imperial Majesty Tsar Nicholas II, Her Imperial Majesty Tsarina Alexandra, His Imperial Majesty Grand Duke Tsarevich Alexis, Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga, Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Tatiana, Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Marie, and Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Anastasia will be glorified as Saints and Passion Bearers soon!

May our Lord God be Glorified in this loving Christian act of great grace bestowed upon His Church.

I certainly would like to thank John Wilson Smith for his kind assistance for this text, and to Raymon David for helping me to post this on the web.  God Bless you both!

Now let us cry out in prayer with these humble words:

Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas & Family,

Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

Humbly submitted
With the love of Christ Our Lord,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes

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