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Angels With Tsars Crown
Angels With Tsars Crown
84th Anniversary Commemoration Of The Imperial Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II And Family (1918-2002)
By Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho
July 17 2002

On July 17, 1918 Tsar Nicholas II and his beloved family were martyred in Ykaterinburg, Russia, along with their physician and servants: Dr. Eugene Botkin, Anna Demindova, Alexei Trupp, and Ivan Karinotov.

The very next day in Alapayevsk, Russia, on July 18, 1918 Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Sister Barbara, and those with them were martyred: Princes John, Igor, Constantine, Vladimir and Sergius.

Since the act of holy canonization (in August 2001, under the Moscow Patriarchate, Russia) for the Imperial Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and Family, as well as that of SS. Elizabeth and Barbara, many Orthodox Churches, including holy monasteries, and convents, have been built commemorating their names. In the course of just one year we can also report that many philanthropic organizations have also been established in honor of the Imperial Royal Martyrs and SS. Elizabeth and Barbara.

More honorable and respectful publications have been published, and web sites established, regarding the lives of the Imperial Royal Martyrs. Their way of life within the Imperial Royal court, and the depth of their spirituality, have been researched and presented in a respectful and humble manner.

From our viewpoint, in 2002, it is wonderful and spiritually rewarding to note the abundance of miracles that are constantly being performed on behalf of the Imperial Royal Martyrs of Russia, as well as those of the Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth. Truly the great examples they show of wholehearted love for God, and those who are struggling with their Christian lives, have brought to others both endurance and strength.

What brings us great joy and awe is that many miracles continue to occur on behalf of these martyrs, as well as setting out for us a great example of Christian living as a family. The great Christian example set by the monastic community at the Holy Convent of SS. Martha and Mary in Moscow during the times of SS. Elizabeth and Barbara, continues onward today with the same devotion to outreach, and helping with many philanthropic projects within the convent.

On the occasion of this Anniversary and now commemoration we should take this opportunity to remember that these Martyrs pray for all of us, and that we should, with humility, continue to speak of their loving prayers for us before the Throne of our Lord God, and at the same time learn from their examples of how we should take the path towards our salvation.

Let us now humbly pray:

Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas,
Tsarina Alexandra,
Tsarevich Alexis,
Grand Duchess Olga,
Grand Duchess Tatiana,
Grand Duchess Marie,
Grand Duchess Anastasia,
Pray To God For Us!

Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth,
Holy New Martyr Barbara,
Pray To God For Us!

Holy New Martyrs Of Russia,
Pray To God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

Content written/compiled by Father Nektarios Serfes.
(c) Father Nektarios Serfes