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Tsar-Martyr Nicholas (from Moscow, Russia)
Tsar-Martyr Nicholas
(from Moscow, Russia)

Miracle At The Holy Canonization On Behalf Of The Tsar Martyr Nicholas II

by Nikolaj Vester

Compiled by Father Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho
26 January 2001

Introduction by Father Nektarios Serfes:

Thanks be to God the miracles continue onward on behalf of the loving prayers of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II & Family. Nikolaj Vester, who is from Denmark, made a spiritual pilgrimage to Russia, and along with a few friends who all eventually wanted to attend the services on Sunday August 21st, at Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Church, in Moscow, Russia, which actually commemorated and concluded the act of Holy Canonization of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and family of Russia, which also took place the night before on August 20th. For more information in this regards please visit http://www.serfes.org/royal/glorification.htm.

Nikolaj Vester had addressed Father Alexander Shargunov, who over these several years had collected miracles on behalf of the prayers of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II, and Family, as desired spiritually to share what happen to him and his friend on the final day of the Holy Canonization of the Royal Martyrs at Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Church.

I would like to humbly share with you what Nikokaj wrote to Father Alexander, and has given me permission to post this on my web site.

Dear Father Alexander,

Asking your blessings!

I write to you to tell you about a miracle that happened of the prayers of the Tsar Martyr Nikolaj It happen on August 21st (2000) in Moscow outside "Hiram Spasitenia" (Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Church) while my friend and I were waiting outside the Church to get in. We had forgotten to buy tickets (Editors Notes: so many people desired to attend this service that tickets had to be issued), and the rain was pouring down. We tried to plea with the young policeman who guarded the entrance, but they would not let us in. Others who also had not tickets where also waiting in the rain. The fortunate ones, who had their tickets went pass us, and hastened to get inside the Church.

It was about 10 o'clock in the morning, we had been standing in the rain for maybe an hour, and we were becoming despondent. There was nobody would could help us. I had come all the way from Denmark to witness the Canonization of the Tsar Martyr and his Family, and the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

And I was outside in the rain - unable to attend this solemn spiritual event!

I am named after the Tsar-Martyr and I was baptized on the day of his martyrdom. I felt a deep sorrowful feeling in my heart, and I lifted up this my unclean and sinful heart in prayer to the Tsar- Martyr.

"Please pray for me before the Throne of God, I am loyal to your honorable memory to last day, I beg you humbly from the depths of my heart to help me witness your honorable and much-deserved canonization. Help me that my journey not been in vain."

Shortly after, a man made eye-contact with me from a little afar. He smiled at me, and when he saw that I nodded back, he walked right to me, looked me dead in the eye, and asked "Are you a priest" "No" I answered, but he continued: "Let us sing the Akathist to the Tsar Martyr Nikolaj anyway". He also had not ticket.

We began singing -first we were only 3 to 4 people, but soon many more joined in the singing, and we stood in the ran singing the Akathist louder and louder. People kept passing by to get inside the Church.

Suddenly-right after we finished the 5th ikos, a policeman approached us and made a sign to us. He waved us in! The policeman let us through the gate without tickets or paying anything!

I felt as if I was lifted up by an invisible hand, and was carried over the pavement, over the pools of water and right past all the check-points with policemen-nobody bothered us and we were not even searched when entering the Church!

Right after we passed through the gates, the policeman closed the gates again, and unfortunately many more people went in vain to the Canonization. I even heard about a Russian priest, who came all the way from the USA, but had not ticket and he had to leave again, without getting in.

I am full of gratefulness and I am spiritually happy and uplifted, that again the prayers of the Tsar-Martyr invoked a miracle in my life. Glory to God for his honorable Martyrs and Saints.

Holy Tsar Martyr Nikolaj, pray before God's Throne for us little sinners!

In Christ Our Lord,

Nikolaj Michael Vester
Aarhus, Denmark

Holy Royal Martyrs
Tsar Nicholas & Family,
Pray Unto God For Us!

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