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Abdication Manifesto of Nicholas II

Compiled by
Father Nektarios Serfes

By the grace of God, we, Nicholas II, Emperor of all the Russias, Tsar of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland, etc., etc., to all our faithful subjects make known:

In these days of terrible struggle against the foreign enemy who has been trying for three years to impose his will upon Our Fatherland, God has willed that Russia should be faced with a new and formidable trial. Troubles at home threaten to have a fatal effect on the ultimate course of this hard-fought war. The destinies of Russia, the honour of Our heroic army, the welfare of the nation and the whole future of our dear country require that the war shall be continued, cost what it may, to a victorious end.

Our cruel enemy is making his final effort and the day is at hand when our brave army, with the help of our glorious allies, will overthrow him once and for all.

At this moment, a moment so decisive for existence of Russia. Our conscience bids Us to facilitate the closest union of Our subjects and the organization of all their forces for the speedy attainment of victory. For that reason We think it right-and the Imperial Duma shares Our view - to abdicate the crown of the Russian State and resign the supreme power.

As We do not desire to be separated from Our beloved son, We bequeath Our inheritance to Our brother, the Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, and give him Our blessing on his access ionto the throne. We ask him to govern in the closest concert with the representatives of the nation who sit in the legislative assemblies and to pledge them his inviolable oath in the name of the beloved country.

We appeal to all the loyal sons of Russia and ask them to do their patriotic and sacred duty by obeying their Tsar at this moment of painful national crisis and to help him and the representatives of the nation to guide the Russian State into the path of prosperity and glory.


Witnessed Minister of the Imperial Court, Adjutant

General Count Federicks

Pskov, 2 March 1917, 3.05 p.m."

(Source: A LIFE LONG PASSION, NICHOLAS &ALEXANDRA *THEIR OWN STORY*., Andrei Maylunas & Sergei Mironenko.,Doubleday, New York, February 1977., pp. 546-547).

Glory Be To God For All Things!

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