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Most Recent Miracle On Behalf Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II

For A Childless Mother

Compiled by
Father Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho
19 February 2000

Icon of Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas
Icon of
Royal Martyr
Tsar Nicholas

Thanks be to our Lord God, and through the prayers of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II of Russia, the following miracle was sent to me, and is this information comes from a book "Miracles Of Royal Martyrs", published in St. Petersburg, Russia by Bishop Ioann (who reposed in the Lord two years ago). The author of this text is Father Alexander Shargunov from Moscow, Russia. This particular miracle, I am humbly presenting to you is from the chapter: "Recent Miracles", and the book was published in 1995. The following miracle took place in Moscow, on behalf of the prayers of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II.

"One of our parishioners, Yelena D. recounts of how she was childless for many years.  She sought advice of different doctors, but they could hold out no hope.

"Her prayers were particularly often addressed to the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, not only because of her deep reverence for them, but also because she remembered the miraculous bestowal of the Royal successor upon them after many years of holy matrimony.

"Once in her dream, she had a vision of the Tsar himself, in a blooming apple orchard, who, amid the blossoming trees, his face radiant uttered the words of consolation, which she could not remember.  However, when she woke up, his words were perfectly clear.  She was to give birth to a child.

"Today, she already has two children."

For more information about other miracles on behalf of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and his Family, please access to the Royal Martyrs website at http://www.serfes.org/royal/

I would like to humbly thank the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ: Mirko and Ivana in humbly sending me this most recent miracle on behalf of the Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas. I also would like to thank Raymon David for helping me post this on the internet.

Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas,

Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

b a c k - t o p e-mail : father@serfes.org. 2-19-2000