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The Holy Royal

Grand Duchess Anastasia,

An Appeal To 20th Century Fox,

To All Parents And Their Beloved Children!

Written by Father Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho U.S.A
December 1997

The Royal Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia
The Royal Child-Martyr
Grand Duchess Anastasia.

"I can't tell my niece the truth about Anastasia;

she is too young to hear the truth.

But for 20th Century Fox, she is not too young to be told a lie."

by Natalia Ilyin, New York Times, page A23
December 12, 1997

With great Christian love, I present this web site to all parents and your beloved children, to help you understand that the movie recently produced by 20th Century Fox, as well as the cartoon books and the forthcoming CD-ROM is most dishonorable and disrespectful to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his beloved family, who have not even found a proper resting place! A loving family whose remains are being transferred from place to place while debate rages as to where they belong! A Christian family that has not been granted a proper burial, a family that is a target for those who still try to tempt us with past communistic beliefs, and continue to cry out angrily, "As long as I shall live, I will not allow the Tsar and his family to be canonized or glorified!" However, to 20th Century Fox's dismay, their holy canonization was conducted by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 1981, and is now being seriously studied by the Moscow Patriarchate. We have to contend with those who in producing this film and publishing these cartoon books, seek to continue the lie perhaps "Anastasia" did escape?

My heart, my mind, and my soul do not rest peacefully as I see this contemporary attitude, the attitude that a multi-million corporation can play havoc with the truth. 20th Century Fox must think that we are only an unimportant minority when we express positive sentiments about the Imperial Romanov Family, or as devout Orthodox as well as non-Orthodox Christians call them, the Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II, and his beloved family. Some may think we will have no impact upon 20th Century Fox, and that our concerns for the truth will not be heard, but as Christians we have both the right, and the obligation to make appeals to 20th Century Fox to stop misinforming the innocent children of this country and around the world! We all have a Christian duty to defend and to protect the "Royal Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia", just as each family has the right to protect their own children! The children of these times need to know that we love them, and that you are their loving parents. At the same time as parents you must show your beloved children the truth at hand teaching them that God loves them, and that this precious "passion - bearer" the Holy Royal Child-Martyr Anastasia was martyred, and that she very much believed in God, and loved her family, and from her palace in heaven especially loves all children! All parents should therefore tell their children that despite what 20th Century Fox has produced and published there are accurate and truthful publications about Grand Duchess Anastasia, who was a Princess of Russia, and is now a Princess in the Kingdom of Heaven. I would suggest you purchase the book: "Anastasia's Album", by Hugh Brewster, if necessary by asking the book store manager to order you a copy. Secondly, I would advise parents to search for the excellent web-sites now available. Thirdly, I call upon all loving parents to pray with your beloved children to the Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia, for her loving intercession on your humble behalf, and for your precious children.

It is profoundly important for us to accept the truth about this matter, to learn what happened on the horrific night of 17th of July 1918 in Ekaterinburg, Russia in the cellar of the Ipatiev House, also called "The House of Special Purpose". The main purpose at this house was to wait for the hour and the day to execute the Romanov family the family doctor and some servants who were with them. There was a most disrespectful force of Bolshevik guards stationed there who treated the Romanov family roughly. One clearly gets the impression from the Tsar and Tsarina's diary that these were for them and their beloved children, days filled with disrespect, mockery, and deprivation of fresh air, and sunlight through the window of their rooms, or even hours for loving prayer. Day after day became a podvig - a spiritual struggle for each member of the Romanov family. The Bolsheviks had to keep changing the guards many of whom found this family loving, kind, and compassionate. In the final hour, several young soldiers refused to kill this family!

Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexis, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia where slaughtered on this fateful night, and as those who truly loved this Christian Family, believe they where all "Martyred"! No member of this family went anywhere, but into their graves - even the earth of which refused to take this precious loving family, as the Bolsheviks had to keep changing the burial area! However, good friends, not one escaped! Not one ever saw the light of another day! Not one went to Germany! Not one went to Canada! Not one even came to America! Not one went to Great Britain! Not one went to any part of the world, but to the heavenly world of our Loving and Gracious God!

When the appalling news that the Tsar and his beloved family had all been shot became known, the first expression among the many faithful people of Russia was to make the sign of the Cross, and pray piously for their "Eternal Memory!" No one wanted to believe that the "man of peace" Tsar Nicholas II, his beloved wife Tsarina Alexandra, and the precious children had all perished! It was a time of shock and dismay! Many people not only in Russia, but around the world wanted to believe that perhaps - maybe - someone had escaped. This was the hope, hope often accompanied by a feeliing of joy was often expressed by those who loved this family! In reality, our hopes lay in the patch of cold muddy ground preserving the precious bones, and containing the secret of the new Bolshevik regime that did not want to admit that its leader, Lenin, had ordered the deaths of the Imperial Romanov Family. It would be more advantageous to have the world believe that someone had escaped! The young communist government, concerned about its diplomatic relations with the European monarchies, wanted to hide the fact that their fellow royalty had been murdered! However, many loving Christians began to learn of the miracles that have happened, and which continue until this very day, as if God Himself helped to reveal the truth, and His love for this family too!

So many of us would like to believe perhaps the Tsarevich of Russia the Crown-Prince and Grand Duke Alexis did survive, or his closest sister the Grand-Duchess Anastasia, or maybe even the Grand Duchess Maria! One misinformed web site has even maintained that Tsar Nicholas II had been seen walking down the streets of London, England in the early days after the execution of his family. Many people still have difficulty accepting the evidence at hand, that all of the Imperial Romanov family on the night of 17th of July in 1918 were slaughtered - Martyred!

The above information in this appeal is based upon discussions over the last 30 years with leading Russian Orthodox bishops, priests, abbots and abbesses, monks and nuns, and with diverse Russian emigres. I have had many consultations and personal conversations with Princess Olga Romanov, Princess Maria of Bulgaria and her son Prince Boris, as well as Mother Alexandra (the former Princess Iliana of Romania) and Grand Duke Vladimir and his wife Grand Duchess Leonida in the course of my three decades of intensive research about the history of the Romanov dynasty during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.

I have addressed the following letter to 20th Century Fox Studio, to both the Producer/Director, Don Bluth, and as well as to the Publicity Department Debbie Miller. I have additionally addressed several letters (and e-mail) to many friends who love and know the truth about the "Royal Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia", and her beloved family. I have also written to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip. I have addressed this letter to H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent (London, England) also to H.R.H. Prince Alexander of Serbia as well. I humbly appeal to you to please address your concerns to 20th Century Fox, as well as to all of those concerned. I ask you to light a candle in front of the holy icon of the Royal Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia, the Princess of Russia....a heavenly intercessor for all children.

Icon of  Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II And His
Icon of Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II
And His Beloved Family of Russia

Letter addressed to 20th Century Fox Studio, written by Reverend Father Nektarios Serfes:

28 November 1997
Mr. Don Bluth
20th Century Fox
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, California

Dear Mr. Don Bluth,

I hope and pray you are doing well.

I am writing concerning the 20th Century Fox Production of the "Anastasia" film and cartoon books.

First, I must express my earnest dismay as an Orthodox Christian that the film and books have been produced and released, also the forthcoming production of the CD-ROM... I have the cartoon books on my desk in front of me as I write this, and I must say that I feel that these publications are extremely disrespectful to Tsar Nicholas II, and his beloved Family: the Tsarina Alexandra, their four daughters and their son.

November 21, 1997, when "Anastasia" was released, was for me a day of great sadness. Consider this: The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, with its headquarters in New York, and which is not in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russia, canonized the Tsar Nicholas II, and his family as holy Martyrs in 1981!

I have ten important and sincere questions I would like 20th Century Fox to answer, in order to clarify to me, and to thousands of other concerned Christians, their thinking and motives when producting "Anastasia":

1) Was 20th Century Fox aware that the Imperial (Romanov) Family had been canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia?

2) Were they aware that the Russian Orthodox Church based in Moscow, Russia, has also been contemplating the holy canonization of the Romanov family?

3) Were they aware that the Romanov family bones are still in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and those remains are now being considered by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Govenment for proper burial?

4) Were they aware of the fact the Serbian Orthodox Church has enormous love and respect for the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his beloved family; a respect and devotion also felt by countless Orthodox and non Orthodox Christians throughout the world?

5) Were they aware of the fact that the Eastern Orthodox Church and also non- Orthodox Churches have shown a serious spiritual interest that the holy canonization of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his family take place?

6) Were they aware of the many web sites now available devoted to the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his family, and the many people who have expressed their love and who have a open mind and heart in regard to this loving family?

7) Where they aware of the history of the Imperial (Romanov) Family, and of the great love the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his beloved family had for God, Russia, and its people?

8) Did 20th Century Fox ever consider contacting and asking the advice of the present Royal Members of the Romanov Family and their relatives, as well as other Royal persons who are related to the Romanov family?

9) Did they really study and understand the historical truths of the period?

10) Has 20th Century Fox ever considered that through this film and the related materials they are misinforming by perpetuating a serious fiction - that the Grand Duchess Anastasia survived the massacre - thus making them all the more confused in their understanding of, and repsect for, Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his beloved family - or was that the main intention?

I have many other questions that I would like 20th Century Fox to answer, and I will present these at a later date.

I humbly appeal to 20th Century Fox to consider stopping the publications, as well as the distribution of "Anastasia". I also ask you to acknowledge that you have received appeals against the production of the film, cartoon books (at major bookstores throughout America, for example "Borders Booskstore") and distribution of "Anastasia" products for children (at "Payless", "Burger King", etc.). I appeal to you to stop, consider the serious errors of fact, and the grave disrespect that 20th Century Fox is presenting at this time, errors and disrespect that has already seriously tarnished the reputation of one of this country's most celebrated studios...

Finally I present to you the following as a demonstration of the strength of feeling that we have concerning this matter, and our sense of grief and repentance:

"A Humble Prayer To The Royal Child-Martyr Grand-Duchess Anastasia",

by the Reverend Father Nektarios Serfes of Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.:

"O humble precious Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia, we humbly cry out in prayer to you, to please forgive us for the cruel, disrespectful representation of you in the new cartoon film and books.

We who are weak assure you, most precious, unforgettable and loving child, that we will search for peace and truth more deeply in our minds, hearts, and souls, to realize the great spiritual beauty of your loving soul, which has touched us, and helped us to behold the Great Spiritual Beauty of our God, Who loves both you and us.

We ask for your loving intercession before the Throne of our God for us and for all children.


I would ask you to look at my own web sites relating to the Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and his Family: http://www.serfes.org/royal/

Thank you for your kind attention on this important matter. I pray earnestly that you will take this letter serously, as well as my sincere appeal to 20th Century Fox.

I also humbly ask for your response.

God Love And Bless You!

With The Love of Christ Our True God,

+ Reverend Father Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!

After you review this web site please see an up to date letter from Fox Animation Studio dated 14 January 1998 from Gary Oldman Producer/Director of the Movie Production "Anastasia", presented with permission.

Holy Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Anastasia,

Pray Unto God, For Us!

b a c k - t o p e-mail : father@serfes.org. 12/1997