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Tsar Martyr Nicholas II
Tsar Martyr Nicholas II
Another Miracle Of
Tsar Martyr Nicholas II
"Myrrh Streaming
Icon Of The Tsar
Martyr of Russia
On 7 November 1998"

Compiled by
Father Nektarios Serfes,
17th January, 1999.
Boise, Idaho. U.S.A.

Updated on August 25, 2000

Introduction by Father Nektarios Serfes:

Holy Icon Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II. A copy of the holy icon that is Myrhheaming in Moscow, Russia. This icon is from America.
Holy Icon Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II A copy of the holy icon that is Myrrheaming in Moscow, Russia. This icon is from America and the iconogrpaher is: Pavel N. Tikhormirov.
Thanks be to our Lord God another miracle (please kindly see my recent web site about the first myrrh streaming icon of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas & Prince Vladimir) of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II has happened since 7 November 1998, in Moscow's Ascension Russian Orthodox Church on Gorokhovoye Field, said the Church's Dean Archpriest Vasily Golovnov.  This information has now been posted from ITAR/TASS News Agency 16 January 1999 01:26.

One can only give Thanks to our God, and what a spiritual joy this is for us all who love the Royal Martyrs of Russia, in which only tells each of us of the same love and concern for us all.

This myrrh streaming holy icon of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II is in itself a spiritual revelation of our Lord God in concern for our salvation, and our true repentance before Him, it is also a loving concern for all those who are in the need for the love of one another. The Tsar Martyr knows the pains each and everyone of us goes through, and he has not forgotten the furtherance of peace and good will among all men.

As I had indicated in my previous web sites on the Royal Martyrs that these miracles would continue onward after the Royal Funeral of Tsar Nicholas and Family , and servants, on 17 July 1998, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now we have seen and heard of miracles before the Royal Funeral, and now afterwards.  So many of us have demanded to see these miracles as we would simply not believe?  Let our weaken faith be no more, but now strengthened in knowing that our God does indeed sanctify His saints, and His martyrs.

We can truly spiritually rejoice in the Lord our God that this current miracle has taken place which proves that Tsar Martyr Nicholas II is interceding on our behalf within the Kingdom of our Gracious God.

Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas,
pray unto God for us!
In The Love of Christ Our Lord & True God,

+ Rev. Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who Prays For You!
"Myrrh Oozing (Streaming) From Tsar Icon Raises Hopes Of Canonization"
Story Filed: Saturday, January 16, 1999 01:21 AM EST

Ascension Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russia.
Ascension Russian
Orthodox Church
in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow, January 16 (Itar-Tass) - An icon with the visage of Tsar Nicholas II has been showing the miracle of myrrh flow for two months in Moscow's Ascension Church on Goroklovoye Field, said the Church Dean Archpriest Vasily Golovanov.

He said in an interview with Itar-Tass on Friday that the sing of thaumaturgy to become an argument for canonization on Nicholas II who was buried with his family and servants in St. Petersburg in July (1998).

The Russian Orthodox Church was ambivalent on the issue of authenticity of the remains recovered outside Ykaterinburg, where the Imperial family was banished and slain by Bolsheviks, and on canonization.

The Church said through one of hierarchs that one of requirements for canonization of relics is their showing a witnessed miracle.

Golovanov said the icon had been brought to his church by a parishioner woman who owned it. He said the icon was first seen to ooze (stream) myrrh on November 7.

He said the ample flow of myrrh, an oily amber-hued ointment with a subtle aroma occurs almost daily, and fragrance emanates from the icon every day and is more tangible on days of services for the regal martyrs.

Golovanov said the miracle had been witnessed by hundreds of Muscovites and pilgrims coming from breadths and lengths of Russia to kiss the icon.

Aleksy II Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia has given his blessing for keeping the icon in the small 17 -century Ascension Church on Radio Street, 2.  Golovanov said the miracle of myrrh flow from the icon of the so far uncanonized tsar indicates that the event after which millions of the faithful are hankering is close.

"The beginning of thaumaturgy on the fateful day of the October coup (1917 Bolshevik Revolution) is a sign that the Russian people will be forgiven for apostasy," he said.

New Update On 8/25/2000!

Holy Icon Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II. A copy of the holy icon that is Myrhheaming in Moscow, Russia. This icon is from America.
Holy Icon Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II A copy of the holy icon that is Myrrheaming in Moscow, Russia. This icon is from America and the iconogrpaher is: Pavel N. Tikhormirov.

Facts About The Origin Of The Myrrheaming
Icon Of Tsar Martyr Nicholas
by Ija Schmit

Editor's note : This document is being written by Ija Schmit to clarify the facts about the origin of the Myrrheaming Icon of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II.

In 1995, shortly after her mother passed away, Ija Dmitrievna Schmit (maiden name: Ija Dmitrievna Podmoschenskaja, currently living not far from San Francisco, California, USA) had been pondering how to appropriately spent the small inheritance that she had received from her mother. In September 1995, she was as if awakened one night by the presence of an idea. The idea that she was given was a complex one, consisting of two aspects. First of all, she was to use the inheritance money to have an icon painted of Tsar Martyr Nicholas. This icon would be in memory of her mother and would be dedicated to the canonization of Tsar Martyr Nicholas in Russia. Secondly, she was to have copies of the icon printed. These icons would be in memory of the 100th anniversary of the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, May 14/27, 1896.

All of these icons, except the original, Ija Dmitrievna decided to give to a charitable organization, the Society Honoring Russian Nobility, of which she is the founder. The icons, printed in three sizes, would be sold in the West, and would be distributed free of charge in Russia. A fourth size, similar to a postcard would only be distributed free of charge in Russia. The income from the sale of the icons in the West would be used to purchase food, vitaminis, etc., which would be sent to needy pensioners and orphans in Russia.

Soon after she was given this idea, she visited her brother, Abbot Herman (Podmoshensky) at the Saint Paisius Velichkovsky Monastery in Forrestville, California, USA. She told him about the heaven-inspired plan, and aksed him to serve a Moleben, which he did immediately.

The next step was to engage someone to paint the icon. She had several icons painted by local iconographer, who immigrated from Russia with his wife and daughter about nine years prior. His name is Pavel Nicholaevich Tikhomirov.

In October 1995, she explained her plan and requested Mr. Tikhomirov to paint the icon. His reaction was immediate and strong. "I will make the icon radiate!" he said. Except for Ija Dmitrievna and her family, Abbot Herman, the Society's legal counsel, and Pavel Tikhomirov and his wife, no one was told of the plan.

It was decided that the icon should depict St. Job, on whose feast day the Tsar was born, and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of Tsar Nicholas in the upper left and upper right. Ija Dmitrievna finalized the words to be painted below the icon "This Holy Icon is for the Canonization of the Tsar Martyr in Russia." The gold ornamentation was painted by Natalia Tikhomirov, Pavel's wife.

Ija Dmitrievna received the icon on May 12, 1996.

Bishop Constatnine (Jesensky) was to bless the icon. He was retired at the time and living in a monastery in Blanco, Texas, USA. The Bishop was known to Ija Dmitrievna and her family from their time in England from 1981-1984. At that time, Bishop Constantine was the bishop of Great Britain. Ija Dmitrievna respected the bishop for his directness, his unwavering strong convictions, his straightforwardness, and his noble personality.

Ija Dmitrievna arrived at the monastery on May 13 and went immediately to the bishop. He greeted her warmly. The bishop listened carefully as she explained the heaven-sent plan. Each time she asked for his prayers, for the Society Honoring Russian Nobility, and for the members of the society, elderly ladies of Russian descent, caregivers of Russian people who are in difficult straits, for the plan to print and distribute icons of Tsar Martyr Nicholas, and for her family, the bishop was in deep in prayer. Standing on his orlets, he gave his bishop's blessing on each request. The icon was blessed in the small living room of the Bishop. In attendance were Bishop Constantine, one novice, and Ija Dmitrievna.

On May 19, the birthday of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas, Bishop Constantine while walking in the evening and broke his pelvis. He was hospitalized for several days, and contracted pneumonia. He returned to the monastery and on May 31, seventeen days after the blessing of the icon, the Bishop passed away. The bishop's funeral and burial wre on the feast of Saints Constantine and Helen, his Saints Day and also, that year, the day of the Holy Spirit. Most likely his last "treba" was the blessing of this wondeful icon.

Tsar Martyr Nicholas is the patron saint of the Society Honoring Russian Nobility, so it was decided to unveil" the icon to the members of the society at the Moleben which is served annually on or near the birthday of Tsar Nicholas (May 19). The Moleben was served on May 18, 1996, at the Church of All Russian Saints in Burlingame, California, by the parish priest, Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko. That day, the entire plan for printing and distributing of the icons was discussed with the members of the society and approved by them.

The icons were printed with the troparion on the reverse side. English, Russian, and Church Slavonic versions in four sizes were printed. The total number of icons of all sizes and both languages was approximately 44,000. Ija Dmitrievna's husband paid for the printing of the icons.

The majority of th icons were by blessed by Archimandrite Anastassy (Sagarski) at the society's annal meeting on September 28, 1996 at the home of Ija Dmitrievna. The members and friends of the society were in attendance. Several thousand icons were blessed by Abbot Herman at St. Paisius Abbey in Forrestiville, California on September 30, 1996.

Over twenty thousand icons have been distributed in Russia. The society printed a brochure and order form, which was sent to all Russian and Serbian Orthodox parishes throughout the world (except in Russia). Very few orders were received.

Activity in Russia has been heavy and constant. Abbot Herman, who publishes a periodical for Russia in Russian called "The Russian Pilgrim" published an issue about Tsar Martyr Nicholas with the icon on the cover. Soon after this publication, people from Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, and even Serbia started writing to the society and requesting icons. The society fulfills all of these requests with pleasure.

When friends and acquaintances travel to Russia, the society sends as many icons as possible for distribution in Russia. Abbot Herman took some icons with him when he went to Russia in late 1996. One of the cities he visted was Ryazan, where he gave some of the icons to a local priest, who in turn gave one to Dr. Oleg Belchenko. This is the icon of Tsar Martyr Nicholas that began streaming myrrh in November 1998.

Ija Schmit
February 2, 2000
I would like to humbly thank Linda S. DeLaine for sending this web information.

Holy Royal Martyr
Tsar Nicholas,
Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

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