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Picture of Royal Martyr Crown Prince Alexis (middle) with the Royal Martyr Family.
Royal Martyr Crown Prince Alexis (middle) with the Royal Martyr Family.
A Miracle Through The Prayers Of Tsar Nicholas II & Tsarevich Alexis

Compiled by
Father Nektarios Serfes
23 May 1999
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

Introduction by Father Nektarios Serfes:

The following is a miracle that happen on behalf of the God-loving prayers of the Passion-bearers Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexis (also spelled Alexei). This particular miracle happened in 1947, and at the time it seems the priest Father Elias must had been the spiritual Father of the Cossack regiment of Ataman, and he is encouraging faith and prayers on behalf of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II and Child-Martyr Tsarevich Alexis.

It's certainly pleasing to the soul that both the Tsar and Tsarevich of Russia was still guarding their soldiers whom where most faithful to them and to our Lord God.  Now the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexis are truly Soldiers of Christ our Lord.

I would now like to humbly present to you how the Cossach Regiment of Ataman in 1947 where rescued through the prayers of Emperor Tsar Nicholas II and the Grand Duke Tsarevich Alexis from the Red Army:

"Rescue From The Red Army"
In the Russian emigre' press there was a report (in 1947) on how the Royal Family was called upon with boldness in prayer in a dangerous situation, when a Cossack regiment, having lost communication with their convoy and with the army, was surrounded by the Reds in the middle of a swamp.  The priest, Fr. Elias, called all to prayer, saying, "Today is the memory-day of our Tsar-Martyr.  His son, the young Tsarevich Alexei, was a soldier of the Cossack Ataman honor-guard.  Let us beg them to intercede before the Lord for the salvation of the Christ-loving soliders."

Fr. Elias served a moleben to "the Tsar-Martyr, Sovereign of Russia." The refrain of the moleben was, "Holy Martyrs of the Royal House, pray to God for us!"

The whole regiment sang. At the end of the moleben Fr. Elias read the dismissal: "Through the prayers of the holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas, Sovereign of Russia; his Heir, the youth Alexei the Tsarevich, the Christ-loving of the Cossack Ataman; the right-believing Tsaritsa-Martyr Alexandra and her children the Princess-martyrs; have mercy upon us and save us, for Thou are good and lovest mankind."

To the objection that these holy Martyrs had not yet been glorified and that there had been no manifestations of miracles from them (Editors notes: the miracles that did happen on behalf of the Royal Martyrs of Russia where hidden from the people of Russia) Fr. Elias replied, "You'll see how we'll get out by their prayers...  You'll see how they're glorified.  You yourselves head how the people glorified them - the people of God...  And let the holy youth Tsarevich Alexis show you.  Don't you see the miracle of God's anger at Russia for their innocent blood?...  You'll see a manifestation through the saving of those who honor their holy memory.  I direct you to read in the Lives of the Saints where Christians, without any kind of glorification, built churches over the bodies of the holy Martyrs, lit lampadas, and prayed to them as to intercessors and protectors."

The regiment set out with the wonderful revelation of Fr. Elias.

They walked through the water up to their knees, up to their waists; they fell in up to their necks... They grabbed hold of the horses, pulled them out, and began walking again.  And they got out...  Forty-three women, fourteen children, seven wounded, even elderly people and invalids, one priest and twenty-two Cossacks - in all, ninety-eight people the thirty-one horses.  They went straight out to the side of the swamp, a corner of which was occupied by Cossacks who where holding back the encircling movement of the Reds - straight into the midst of their own people.  Among the local residents no one wanted to believe that they got out by that route.  And the enemy did not hear the noise of their passing.  In the morning the Red partisans were unable to locate the tracks of those whad been cut off, to see where they led.  There had been people there, and now they were none!

(Source: From Archpriest Michael Polsky, The New Martyrs of Russia, Vol. 2.  Reprinted in The Orthodox Word., St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, Ca., No. 202. 1998., 220-221).

Thanks Be To God For All Things!

Holy Matyrs Of The Royal House,
Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

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