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Holy Royal Martyr Nicholas II
Holy Royal Martyr Nicholas II
Miracles Of The
Tsar Martyr Nicholas II
of Russia

Fr. Demetrios

Introduction By Father Demtrios Serfes

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in which it's diocese is located in Manhattan, New York has already cannonized the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia -as well as all the Holy New Martyrs of Russia, on 1 November (Old Calendar), 1981.

Now the problem is that the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow Russia, under the Patriarch of Moscow, has delayed, and keeps cancelling the holy canonization... of the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia...because both the Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow has declined to recognize the holy canonization of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia,in regards to the Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia, and the Tsarevich Alexis. The Russian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate have recently however recognized the Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth (Fedorovna) and Sister Barbara as Martyrs and Saints within the Orthodox Church, on 4 February 1997. This indeed was blessed news!

However many people within Russia do believe that Tsar Nicholas II and his beloved family are martyrs as well in spite of the fact that the Church in Moscow has continued to refuse the holy canonization, and are crying out in prayer to the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and his family, even as I write this presentation to you on the 17th of July 1997, the day in which the holy martyrdom took place. America, and the rest of the world too are crying out the same prayers!

Holy Royal Martyrs Of Russia, Tsar Nicholas and Family, Pray Unto God For Us!

The humble purpose of presenting you with the miracles that have been taking place through the intercessions of the Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas and beloved family, is to help us be aware as one kind Archpastor of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia who himself profoundly suffered a dark horror of persecution had asked this question: "Russian people, where is the grave of your Tsar?"

For those who slaughtered the Imperial Family in the middle of the night of 17 July 1918, have all mysteriously disappeared, and no one in all of Russia wants to be blamed for what took place in a house in Ekaterinburg in Siberia. Heaven however is spiritually delighted to have the Martyred Tsar Nicholas and his beloved family, since that day of the crime that should of have not taking place!

In the meantime what a great loss to all of Russia and the free world! The question for many people and rightly so is the question, have we heard of any miracles on behalf of the Tsar-Martyr and his beloved family? If so then perhaps we might believe they are martyrs or passion-bearers, call them what you might want to call them...they where all unjustly persecuted, slandered and martyred! Why may we humbly ask was the Tsar martyred? Why may we humbly ask was the Tsarina martyred? Why may we humbly ask was the four daughters the Grand Duchess's martyred? Why may we humbly ask was the Tsarevich Alexis martyred? To what purpose? To simply stop what and to stop whom? Couldn't we had allowed time to take it's course, and let life live out it's life? Then we must ask why couldn't they freed all the daughters to marry or do what they so humbly desired in life? The Tsar had abdicated, and his son too! For what purpose then was this holy martyrdom? The devoted loving Tsarina too could have enjoyed the fruits of her family and husband, and the land she loved so much Russia and it's people! Why kill the the doctor, the maid, and the valet? Couldn't they get on and go about their own lives?

Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas II So now I will give you some of the precious-loving "miracles" on behalf of the prayers of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and his beloved family, as so many of us seem to want to be convinced! We shall indeed be spiritually convinced! God Himself with continue to reveal and sanctify this Holy Family! Keep in mind good readers and friends, I am speaking of a devoted Russian Orthodox Monarch and a Imperial family who simply believed very strongly with devotion and love for the Russian Orthodox Faith.

Finally, please keep in mind the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II was persecuted, slandered, and killed, because he was Tsar! Let me also with great spiritual love quote what the holy and righteous Saint John Maximovitch wrote in July, 1963: "Because he was Tsar, Tsar by the Grace of God. He was the bearer and incarnation of the Orthodox world-view that the Tsar is the servant of God, the Anointed of God, and that to Him he must give an account for the people entrusted to him by destiny, for all his deeds and actions, not only those done personally, but also as Tsar." St. John Maximovitch continues: "Thus did the Orthodox Russian people believe, thus has the Orthodox Church taught, and this did Tsar Nicholas acknowledge and sense. He was thoroughly penetrated by this awareness; he viewed his bearing of the Imperial crown as a service to God. He kept this in mind during all his important decisions, during all the responsible questions that arose. This is why he was so firm and unwavering in those questions about which he was convinced that such was the will of God; he stood firmly for that which seemed to him necessary for the good of the realm of which he was head."

+ Father Nektarios Serfes, Priest -Who Prays For You!

Miracles On Behalf Of The
Intercessions Of The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II
"Let no man deceive you in any way; for it will not be, except the falling away (apostasy) come first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, He that opposeth and exalteth himself against all that is called God or that is worshipped; so the he sitteith in the temple of God, setting himself forth as God..... An now ye know that which restraineth, to the end that he may be revelaed in his own season. For the mystery of lawlessness doth already work: only there is one that restraineth now, until be taken out of the way. And then shall be revealed the lawless one (II Thes. 3-8).

The Dream Of Metropolitan Makary

I Saw A Field. The Saviour was walking along a path. I went after Him, affirming, "Lord, I am following You!" And He, turning to me, replied: "Follow Me!" Finally we approached an immense arch adorned with stars. As the threshhold of the arch the Saviour turned to me and said again: "Follow Me!" And He went into a wondrous garden, and I remained at the threshhold and awoke.

Soon I fell asleep again and saw myself standing the same arch, and behind it with the Saviour stood Tsar Nicholas. The Saviour said to the Tsar: "You see in My hands two cups: one which is bitter for your people, and the other sweet for you."

The Tsar fell to his knees and for a long time begged the Lord to allow him to drink the bitter cup together with his people. The Lord did not agree for a long time, but the Tsar begged importunately. Then the Saviour drew out of the bitter cup a large glowing coal and laid it in the palm of the Tsar's hand. The Tsar began to move the coal from hand to hand and at the same time his body began to grow light, until it had become completely light, like some radiant spirit.

At this time I again woke up.

Falling asleep yet again, I saw an immense field covered with flowers. In the middle of the field stood the Tsar, surrounded by a multitude of people, and with his hands he was distributing manna to them. An invisible voice said at this moment: "The Tsar has taken the guilt of the Russian people upon himself, and the Russian people is forgiven."

THE SIGNIFICANCE of the Tsar is first and foremost, of course, to the Russian people. But his position as Orthodox Tsar, that which restrains the appearance of Antichrist, and especially as Orthodox Martyr, gives him a meaning and importance for all Orthodox believers. Significantly, the question of his canonization (which still has not be accomplished owing to the disordered times and the continued reign of lawlessness in Russia) was first raised not by Russians, but by Serbians.

Miracles In Serbia, On Behalf Of The Intercessions
Of The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II

THE SERBIAN people loved the Russian Tsar with all their heart. On March 30, 1930, there was published in the Serbian newspapers a telegram stating that the Orthodox inhabitants of the city of Leskovats in Serbia had appealed to the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church with a request to raise the question of the canonization of the late Russian Emperor Nicholas II, who was not only a most humane and pure-hearted Ruler of the Russian people, but who also died with the glory of a martyr's death.

Already in 1925 there had appeared in the Serbian press an account of what happened to an elderly Serbian lady who had lost two sons in the war and whose third son, who had disappeared without a trace, she considered also to have been killed. Royal Martyrs Tsarina Alexandra & Tsar Nicholas II Once, after praying fervently for all who had been killed in the war, the poor mother fell asleep and saw in a dream the Emperor Nicholas II, who told her that her son was alive and was in Russia, where he had fought together with his two dead brothers. "You will not die" -- said the Russian Tsar -- "untill you see your son." Soon after this dream, the old woman received news that her son was alive, and within a few months after this she joyously embraced him alive and well when he returned from Russia.

Another Holy Miracle In Serbia, On Behalf Of The Intercessions Of The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II - 11 August 1927.

On August 11, 1927, in the newspaper of Belgrade there appeared a notice under the headline, "Face of Emperor Nicholas II in the Monastery of St. Naum on Lake Ochrid." It read as follows: "The Russian painter S. F. Kolesnikov was invited to paint the new church in the ancient church in the ancient Serbian Monastery of St. Naum, being given complete creative freedom in adorning the interior dome and walls. While completing this, the artist thought of painting on the walls of the church the faces of 15 saints, to be placed in 15 ovals.

Fouteen faces were painted immediately, but the place for the 15th long remained empty, since some kind of inexplicable feeling compelled Kolesnikov to wait for a while. Once at dust he entered the church. Below, it was dark, and only the dome was cut through with the rays of the setting sun. As Kolesnikov himself related later, at this moment there was an enchanting play of light and shadows in the church, and all around seemed unearthly and singular. At this moment the artist saw that the empty oval which he left unfinished had become animated and from it, as from a frame, looked down the sorrowful face of the Emperor Nicholas II. Struck by the miraculous appartition of the martyred Russian Tsar, the artist stood for some time as if rooted to the spot, seized by a kind of paralysis.

Then, as he himself describes, under the influence of a prayerful impulse, he leaned a ladder against the oval, and without marking with charcoal the outline of the wondrous face, with brushes alone he made the layout. He could not sleep the whole night and, hardly had the first daylight appeared than he went to the church and in the first morning rays of the sun was already sitting high on the ladder, working with such a fever as he had never known. As he himself writes: " Painited without a photograph. In the past I several times saw the late Emperor close up, while giving him explanations at exhibitions. His image imprinted itself in my memory.' "

(The "Miracles of Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II" (1868-1918), On the writings of St. John Maximovitch of San Francisco, California., "The Dream Of Metropolitan Makary", and the two miracles in Serbia are from the publication of the: "The Orthodox Word", St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood., Platina, Ca., 1968 Vol. 4, No.4 (21) July-August)

Another Miracle In Canada, On Behalf Of The Intercessions
Of The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II

"Answering The Tsar's Call"

Dear Abbot Herman,

Some time has passed since I last wrote. Now I have some happy news I wish to share with you and the Brotherhood: (Editors notes: this letter was addressed in 1983 to Abbot Herman, who as the Abbot of St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood in Platina, California.) in March I will be baptized in the Orthodox Church with the new name Nicholas-for the Tsar-Martyr. Let me explain.

When I was boy of nine in Canada, I received for my birthday a packet of foreign stanps to start my collection. Among them was one from Old Russia displaying the portrait of Nicholas II (issued in 1913 to commemorate the Romanov Tercentenary I later discovered). I was fascinated with his portrait and today recall wondering who he was and what he was trying to say to me. I could not read the cyrillic letters and thus did not know what country the stamp came from. A diligent search in the Scott catalogue gave me the particulars.

By the time I was ten, I had mastered the Russian alphabet and had embarked upon a study of things Russian that has persisted to this day. I collected photographs of the Russian Imperial family and even corresponded in the late fifties with H.L.I.H. the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, (Editors notes: this sister of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II) who used to live in Cooksville, Ontario. I was not yet out of high schoool.

When I was 15 I began to study Russian in earnest, and I continued to devour anything I could find written about Nicholas II and his family. I drew sketches and infused my sister with an interest in the same subject. I also studied the art of icon painting of the 14-16 century Novgorod or North Russian style. My road to Orthodoxy was enhanced by my icon painting, and I began to sing in the Orthodox Church while stationed in Connecticut. The Word was unforlding within me.

I fully believe the intercessions of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas have been instrumental in nudging my heart to respond to the still, small voice that has been calling me over these years. I entreat the prayers of the brethren as I prepare to be welcome home at long last.

Sincerely, D.W.

(Source: The Orthodox Word., St. Herman Of Alaska Brotherhood., Platina, California., Vol. 19. No. 6 (113), November-December 1983, -the inside cover of this publication.)


Thanks be to our God, for the intercessions of the Holy Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas.




Glory Be To GOD For All Things!