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Miracles At Ipatiev House On Behalf Of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas & Family

Compiled by
Father Nektarios Serfes
21 February 1999
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

Ipatiev House 1918 Ykaterinburg, Russia
Ipatiev House 1918
Ykaterinburg, Russia

The Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and his beloved family, and friends where imprisoned at the Ipatiev house, which is located in Ykaterinburg, Russia.*

I am humbly offering this web site with great spiritual joy in the knowledge that these two miracles, which took place after the Holy Martyrdom of Tsar Nicholas and his beloved family, will be a great spiritual blessing to you.

Sadly enough, we only recently found out about these miracles, and appears some of these miraculous events relating to the Royal Martyrs of Russia have been hidden from us.  Also, of course, it has taken time for the translations into English to reach us.  However I am astonished that these miracles continue to be hidden from our hearts, minds, and souls, and we are not "awake" to their importance.

I have always believed, and have indicated in my previous web sites, that these miracles have taken place before the burial of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas and his family in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 17 July 1998 , and of course I have made plain my belief that after the burial more miracles would take place.

(Please access The Royal Martyrs of Russia and note the miracles that have taken place on behalf of the Royal Martyrs, after their Martyrdom, and then after their burial.)

The most important question for us to ask is why are these miracles happening on behalf of the Royal Martyrs of Russia?  The reason is that it seems that our Lord God Himself is helping to give witness to the sanctity of the Royal Martyrs in all of Russia itself, and around the world, thus giving us all a great spiritual rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally these past and present miracles on behalf of the Royal Martyrs of Russia, help in raising the spiritual awareness in all the children, the servants, and the handmaidens of our Lord God, to be more fully convinced of the need of repentance, and the sanctification of our souls.  From the results of all these miracles, the revelation of God Himself, through the saints, is the teaching of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Miracles within themselves help direct us back on the path towards our salvation, and at the same time heal us so that we may realize the love of our Gracious Lord God for us all, through the prayers of the saints of the Church.

A more speedy universal canonization of the grace-filled intercessors, is severely needed, and honorable love and respect as well should be in order for the Royal Martyrs of Russia, and let us not humbly forget the millions of the New Martyrs of Russia!  We then both  humbly, and spiritually rest in peace, when we know so clearly that these saints are praying for us poor sinners, before the Throne of the Kingdom our Lord God!

I am now humbly presenting on behalf of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas and his beloved family, these two witnessed miracles at the Ipatiev house in Ykaterinburg, Russia:

Heavenly Hymns In The Ipatiev House
(Fall Of 1990)

The story was told to Archbishop Melchizedek, who had then been the hierarch of Ekaterinburg (also spelled: Ykaterinburg) for many years.  At the time of the fall of the soviet government in 1990, an old woman came to his office.  Although she was not a believer, she felt that she was going to die soon and said that she had something she wanted to tell him.

After the death of the Tsar and his family, the Ipatiev house had been turned into the "Museum of the Workers' Revenge," to commemorate the death of the family.  This woman, Anna, had been the night guard in the museum for several decades, and although the rest of the house was open during the day for visitors, the basement site of the family's murder-was always kept barred and locked.

No one, including the guards, ever went down there.  Anna told the Archbishop that many times during her years of working there she would be startled at night to hear beautiful singing and see light streaming from the basement door.  She said that the singing was as of many voices, and definitely church music.

She would often creep up to the door to listen but was too frightened to go into the basement to look.  She did not tell anyone, since she knew that if she reported such things she would be dismissed and possibly arrested.  Archbishop Melchizedek asked Anna if she would sign an affidavit attesting to the truth of her story, but she refused, saying that she was too afraid of the KGB to sign anything that might get her in trouble.

(Source: Orthodox Word, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, Ca., Vol. 34.No.5 (202), Sept.-Oct., 1998., pp. 235-236).

Sign Over The Ipatiev House*
(5 October 1990)
Cross At The Ipatiev House Ykaterinburg, Russia.
Cross At
The Ipatiev House
Ykaterinburg, Russia.

"This letter is written to you by the Cossack Vladimir.  I would like to tell you about a manifestation (sign) tat took place at the moment that the cross was set up on the site of the Ipatiev house, where the Tsar and his family were killed.  On October 5, 1990, at about 11 a.m. - 12 noon, crushed stone was brought in a truck.  The weather turned gloomy.  The whole sky was filled with dark clouds, without any clear areas, and snow fell sporadically."

"The cross was taken from the vehicle and placed on the ground and then set in place.  One of these present, Alexei by name, went off to one side to take a look at how the cross had been set up, and whether it was leaning.  Suddenly Alexei said, 'Look up!'  We all raised our heads, and sort of tremor or fear passed through out bodies.  Above us - that is, directly above the cross - the heavens parted and a ray of light fell upon the cross from a round clear spot in the sky."

"The sun was not visible, and the opening in the clouds was rotating to the right: and on the earth, around the cross within a radius of 150 - 300 feet, there was a circle illumined by this ray of light from the heavens, and no snow was falling.  All this continued for about thirty to forty minutes, while the cross was being set in place and fixed with concrete, and then the opening in the clouds closed up.  The light disappeared.  Up to thirty people were present at the time.  (All at that moment were unbelievers.)  When we asked a priest about this manifestation later, he replied that this was obviously a sign.  The majority of us came to belief in God after this."

"I ask you to sign this just 'a Cossack from the village of Kamenskaya.' "

(Source: Russian Herald, 1995, nos. 11-14.  And reprinted in: Orthodox Word, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, Ca., Vol. 34, No.5 (202), Sept.- Oct., 1998., p.236).


* On 29 April 1918, Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, and Grand Duchess Marie arrived in Ykaterinburg (Ekaterinburg), accompanied by their doctor E. S. Botkin, marshal T. I. Chemodurov, the footman I.D. Sednev, and the maid A.S. Demidova. The house where the Ykaterinburg Bosheviks wanted to lodge the family was not yet ready.  It's owner, Nikolai Nikolaevich Ipatiev (retired captain in the Engineers), had only moved out at 3 o'clock that same day, 29 April.  The family moved in on 30 April.  We note from Empress Alexandra's diary they moved into the Ipatiev house, which high wooden fences had been placed.

On 20 May 1918, the remaining children Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia, and Tsarevich Alexei (who was still ill from a severe attack of his illness at the beginning of April) - left Tobolsk for Ykaterinburg. Everyone arrived on 23 May at the Ipatiev house.  The following members of the Imperial Romanov family and friends where now at the Ipatiev house: Tsar Nicholas Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexis, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia, as well as: Dr. E. Botkin, the cook Kharitonov, the valet Trupp, the maid Demidova and the kitchen boy Leonid Sendev (who was taken away on the day of the execution).

The following friends of the Imperial Romanov family wanted to enter the Ipatiev house and stay with them, but where unable: I. L. Tatishchev, P.A. Gillard, S. I. Gibbs, A. V. Hendrikova, S.K. Buxhoeveden, E.A. Schneider and A.A. Tegleva, among others.

They built two fences around the house; one of these was so high that only the top of the gold cross on the cathedral could be seen, but just able to be see this cross was a source of great comfort to the prisoners.

On 17 July 1918, the Martyrdom of Tsar Nicholas and family took place along with their friends at the Ipatiev house. Until 1945 there was a plaque on the outside wall commemorating the execution of the Imperial family, and inside the house a museum where the possessions of the imperial family were displayed.  In 1977, however, on the orders of the Central Committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party, the Ipatiev house was destroyed.  President Boris Yeltsin at the time was in charge of the destruction of the Ipatiev house, who would later say: "we shall be sorry for the destruction of the Ipatiev house".

I would like to humbly thank John Wilson for his assistance for this web site.

Holy Royal Martyrs
Tsar Nicholas & Family
Pray Unto God For Us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

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