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Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II (Valaam Monastery)
Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II
(Valaam Monastery)
This web site is in Memory of Boris Alexeev, who died in a Soviet concentration camp in Russia.
Memory Eternal!

"But the king shall be glad in God, everyone shall be praised that sweareth by Him; for the mouth of them is stopped that speak unjust things"  (Psalm 62:10)

The Missing Two
Of Russia

Written by
Father Nektarios Serfes

Now that the Royal Funeral of Tsar Nicholas and his family is over (or is it?) as of 17 July 1998, each and everyone one of us should ask the same question and make the same earnest appeal to all:

Where are the two missing "Child-Martyrs" of the Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Martyr Tsarina Alexandra?

The answer to this earnest question should now be our uppermost concern at this time.

We know with certainty the identity of those who were buried on 17 July 1998, at Ss. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia within St. Catherine's Chapel:

  • His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Tsar Nicholas II

  • Her Imperial Highness, Empress Tsarina Alexandra

  • Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga

  • Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Tatiana

  • Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Anastasia

  • Dr. Eugene Botkin

  • Alexei Trupp

  • Anna Demindova

  • Ivan Karinotov

  • We know for a fact that the media, including CNN TV,  has noted from the video from the funeral - the "Burial of the Last Tsar" (July 17, 1998) - that two children of the Imperial Romanov family are missing.
    Child-Martyr Tsarevich Alexis
    Tsarevich Alexis
    Where are they? All the indications are that the Grand Duke Tsarevich Alexis, and that Grand Duchess Marie is missing and not buried with the rest of the family.  Two spaces are ready in the tomb, once these precious Child-Martyrs are found, so that they may be buried with the rest of the family, making that family complete.

    Russia has told us who was buried.  Certain media publications, and especially Hollywood (where films on "Anastasia" have been made, including a recent children's cartoon film) would have us believe that Grand Duchess Anastasia was not buried but may somehow have survived the massacre. The only reason for this is because Hollywood wants to continue to promote.  Such a story, however untrue, has great appeal.  It sells books and films, and makes great profits!

    What we have before us is two missing "Child-Martyrs."  May I humbly repeat that we are looking for both Grand Duke Tsarevich Alexis and Grand Duchess Maria.

    We are dealing with the heaviest of all the misfortunes which suddenly fell on the head of the Sovereign of all Russia. This was undoubtedly the loss of his personal freedom, that most precious, blessing, which millions of his subjects possessed and of which God did not wish to deprive even the great Old Testament sufferer, the Patriarch Job.  Kept under guard, the Tsar had to experience all the grief of captivity and all the cruelty of human ingratitude.  People who quite recently had trembled at a single glance from him and had caught his smile as living sunshine, now subjected him to the crudest humiliations and mocked not only him and the Empress, but also their young innocent children, still fragrant with tender purity, whose souls especially must have suffered from the first contact with the evil and injustice of life.

    Every day, every hour these cruel tortures devised new moral torments for the defenseless Royal Family, but not a word of complaint at their fate issued forth from the lips of the Royal sufferers. They imitated our Lord God of Whom it was said: "when He was reviled, He reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not" (I Peter 2:23). Only to God did they declare their sorrow and only before Him did they pour out their hearts. The feeling of abandonment which oppressed their souls did not cause their love for Russia to grow cold; forgetting their own trials, the Royal prisoners continued to the end to live and suffer inseparable from their people.

    The Emperor the Tsar Nicholas of all of Russia, was far removed from the idea of defending his authority only for the sake of the desire to rule. "Are you sure that this will be to Russia's benefit?"  he asked those who, supposedly in the name of the nation, presented him with the demand that he renounce his hereditary rights, and when he received a positive answer, he immediately laid aside the burden of royal government, fearing lest a single drop of Russian blood might fall on him in case a civil war arise. What we fail to realize is that by this wise and henceforth historic question, the Tsar for all time removed from himself responsibility for the decision he made, and it fell upon the heads of those who first raised up sacrilegious hands against him.

    The closer they drew to their departure from life, the higher the whole family -  mother, father, sisters, and brother, as well as the most devoted household servants (who became their loving friends and valiant sufferers in captivity), - rose above earthly standards, their true royal majesty and love for Russia and our God was displayed.  They attained, as their last letters testify, a new plane of spirituality and closeness to their (and our) Heavenly Father.  How can we forget the beautiful and spiritually rewarding letters of the Tsar, the Tsarina, and those of the children?  In addition we have now accounts of some letters written by their devoted physician, Dr. Eugene Botkin, which were found in his room after the slaughter of the night of July 16-17, 1918.   All of these letters where written with a confessor's strength of  faith, and a martyr's lack of resentment, and complete forgiveness for their enemies.

    Not only were the Tsar of all of Russia and his beloved Empress being brought to slaughter (along with their devoted household friends) on that fateful horrific night of July 16-17, 1918, but also the innocent young Royal children, wilting in in the very bloom of life.  The image of a violent death was horrible, especially because they were meeting it face to face for the first time. No nursing experience gained during the early year of the war could prepare these innocent Royal children for what they must have seen as they looked into the eyes at their heartless executioners.

    Those who pointed the guns at their hearts must have made these tender sweet loving hearts and souls quake!  First they saw their beloved Father and Mother fall to the ground in the cellar of the Ipatiev house, martyred for their sweet children and every child of Russia.  Within seconds, as the room filled with cordite smoke and screams all of these innocent children began to fall to the floor next to their beloved parents and friends.  These were their own screams, their own terror at this horrific slaughter in the darkness of a dreadful night.  Lying on the blood-soaked ground the Tsarevich and Grand Duchesses moaned and cried from the results of the constant gun shot wounds.  Their executioners could not stand these cries of pain, and could not care less about their sufferings.  They made sure, finally and brutally, that each child, each servant was completely dead.  More shots were fired and baronets and rifle butts were used without mercy.

    All the Martyrs' corpses lay on the floor on this horrific night.  The horror of mankind out of control.  The horror of a new government that had no love for the individual's sanctity of life, and which cared for nothing but power.  Malice was on their lips, and vicious slander in their hearts.  The blame lay in Moscow, but there we find Lenin relaxed, and not in the least frightened or concerned to deal in this way with the whole concept of goodness, deal with a civil society that was no longer truly Russia but rather his own personal domain.  The question now is, was Lenin the only one to blame?  Certainly the blame lies on him, but also with those he "created", a new breed of betrayal of its own people, and a new breed of death to God and the glorification of man.

    At the time, many blamed the Emperor Nicholas II alone for all the misfortunes and horrors into which the much-suffering Motherland had been plunged.  This is no longer true, for the whole Russian nation, and each of us individually, is to blame.  After the Martyrdom of the Imperial Family and their friends - as well as the millions of others who met a martyr's death - was there an end to this killing, this suffering?  Did a new, peaceful society emerge?  No!  In the days that followed what Russia saw was ever encroaching evil and destructive elements, supported by false political theories, an accumulation of the sins of many generations - a force as irresistible and unstoppable as lava from an erupting volcano.

    There is nothing in the history of recent ages which can be compared to the labors characteristic of a great martyr as manifested by the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his beloved family.  Only now can we start to appreciate this mysterious occurrence that took place on their Golgotha!  We concern ourselves with earthly things, and fail at times in our attempts to fully attain the spiritual life that is so needful for us all.  We like to believe in mystery - in our natures we love mysteries and the fantasy world of our imagination more than we love truth.  So we succumb to our human desires and say "Perhaps two of the children did escape!"  Lenin wanted us to believe this, and his successor Stalin, and they spun a web of lies that went on for many years.  We picked up the lie, used it, and made money out of it!  We want to believe it, even as we, and the whole world, quake with horror at the sight of the crime of Ykaterinburg!  Nobody wants to shoulder the blame.  The lie exists because Lenin did not want the world, and especially his own people, to know that he simply ordered the whole family killed!  The lie ended, and the truth is with us!

    Fortunately, we are now hearing reports that perhaps the location of the two missing Royal Child-Martyrs may be revealed at last. The important question is how shall we deal with this when it happens?  Shall we spend another seven years or so moving these precious bones from one place to another seeking to determine whose remains they are?  Will we accept the results of rigorous scientific testing?  Or shall we do as has been done in some quarters with the remains of the Royal Martyrs which have just been buried - deny that the remains are truly theirs?  There are not only practical, scientific considerations.  There is the whole spiritual aspect.  We must always bear in mind that we are talking about - hopefully seeing -
    Child-Martyr Grand Duchess Maria (Bob Atchison)
    Child-Martyr Grand
    Duchess Maria
    (Courtesy of Bob Atchison)
    the mortal remains of two precious God-loving Royal Child-Martyrs which need to be put to rest with the rest of the family they dearly loved.

    Where are these two precious Child-Martyrs of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra?

    First, we must investigate the accounts from the official Russian government sources,  and discern the truth as to what really happen on that fateful night of July 16-17, 1918.  We need to know this!   We must support the efforts to find the truth in any way we can, assisting those who have the responsibility for the investigation.  How can we do this?  Most obviously by our prayers - asking our God to give us spiritual discernment, and for Him to guide those who are searching for the remains of these two missing Royal Child-Martyrs of Tsar Nicholas II and family, so that they can be placed in the proper burial area with the rest of the family in St. Petersburg!  Then at last they will be at peace as a family.  Finally we too will be at peace, Russia will be at peace, and all of mankind will finally realize the goodness and great kindness of this gracious family who at this very hour are praying for us!  We who are poor sinners!

    It has been recently been reported that at last the Russians themselves have a developing interest in the Tsar Nicholas II and his family - Russian citizens now want the whole truth, not just what is politically expedient.  We all want the truth!

    Where are the two missing Child-Martyrs of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra?

    I have written the following prayer, and ask you humbly to please join with me:

    Prayer On Behalf Of The
    Child-Martyrs Of
    Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II
    Tsarina-Martyr Alexandra

    Father Nektarios Serfes

    O Gracious Lord, Thou Who art exalted above the earth, knowest the great loving sacrifice made by the loving parents of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra for their most beloved children.

    The sacrifice of love, the sacrifice of Russia, and the sacrifice of the cleansing has been offered for these innocent Child-Martyrs, Tsarevich Alexis, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, and Maria, and Anastasia.

    Innocent Children's blood has been shed, because of our many sins O Lord, and the wounds of these precious young Child-Martyrs have become for us as unspotted lambs, and others like them whose names only Thou dost know.

    We cry out to Thee now and beseech Thee for our redemption with sighs of the depth of our hearts to forgive us in our true weakness, and for our faults.

    Help us Gracious Loving God to find the remains of the two missing Child-Martyrs, deep within the forest of Ykaterinburg, deep within Thy creation at a place unknown to us, who daily cry out to free them to rest in peace with their beloved family.

    We know well Lord that they dwell with Thee in Thy Kingdom.  O Merciful God hear our plea, and hear our loving prayer to Thee.  We rest in peace O Lord with Thy loving kindness. Peace be unto these gracious loving royal Children, peace be unto their parents. Peace be unto their friends, and those love Thee!  Peace and forgiveness!

    O Merciful God hear our plea, and hear our loving prayer to Thee, to Whom belongeth all Glory, Honor, and Worship. Amen.

    A prayer written by John Wilson Smith on behalf of the missing Child-Martyrs of Russia:

    "Dear Lord,

    In Your Mercy, and in Your good time,
    Please reveal the resting place of the missing children.

    May their remains too be buried with reverence, dignity, and love.
    May these rumours and falsehoods cease.

    And may this loved family, now at rest with You,
    Become a point of reconciliation and repentance for the people they love and served." - John Smith

    I would humbly like to thank John Wilson Smith who assisted me with this web presentation on behalf of the "Missing Child-Martyrs of Russia".

    Holy Royal Martyrs
    Tsar Nicholas & Family
    Pray Unto God For Us!

    Glory Be To God For All Things!

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