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This web page
is in memory
of the handmaiden
of our Lord

Anna A. Vyroubova
Anna A. Vyroubova,
The Empress
Tsarina Alexandra

Royal Martyr Tsarina Alexandra
Royal Martyr
Tsarina Alexandra
An Eldress' Prophecy
Of The Martyrdom
Of Tsaritsa Alexandra
Empress of Russia

Compiled by
Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
2 March 1999
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

Introduction by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes:

In the year 1916, Her Majesty Empress Alexandra made many pilgrimages to monasteries with not only her husband the Tsar, but also frequently with her children. Anna A. Vyroubova the Empress' Lady-in-Waiting, noted in her memoirs an incident that happened to her Majesty, while Empress Alexandra, while she, along with her two daughters, made a pilgrimage to Novgorod to visit and pray at the two Russian Orthdoox Monasteries of Yurievsky and Desyantina. Anna A. Vyroubova was deeply devoted to the Empress and to all the members of the Royal household, and for her to record this information about a prophecy in regards to the forthcoming martyrdom of her devoted friend the Empress, must of have deeply moved them both.
Royal Martyr Tsarina Alexandra
Royal Martyr
Tsarina Alexandra

One year later, 1917, as we can see from the photo taken of the Empress Alexandra at Tsarskoe Selo during the war, her face prematurely aged with strain, and seems exhausted, but her will is unyielding.  Empress Alexandra is waiting for her husband the Tsar to return to their home at  Tsarskoe Selo, and she prepares herself for that longed-for hour, a moment he also desperately desires as his heart overflows with love for his family.  Unwavering in the strength of her great faith in our Lord God, the Empress offers prayers on behalf of her children, and including Anna Vyroubova, who are now all ill with the measles. For more information in this regards please visit the Last Easter- Pascha For The Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II & Family At Tsarskoe Selo, 1917

I am now humbly presenting to you the prophecy made by a Russian Orthodox nun named Eldress Maria Mikhailovna about the forth coming martyrdom of the Empress Alexandra.

"In December of 1916, Her Majesty (Tsarina Alexandra, Empress of Russia) traveled from an emotional rest to Novgorod for a day, with two Grand Duchesses and a small suite.  She visited field hospitals and monasteries and attended the Liturgy at the St. Sophia Cathedral. Before her departure the Tsaritsa visited the Yurievsky and Desyatina Monasteries."

"In the latter she visited Eldress Maria Mikhailovna in her tiny cell, where the aged woman had lain for many years in heavy chains (this was self inflicted - Editor's notes) on a iron bed.  When the Tsaritsa entered, the Eldress held her withered hand out to her and said, 'Here comes the martyr, Tsaritsa Alexandra!'  She embraced her and blessed her.  In a few days the Eldress reposed."

(Source: A. A. Vyroubova, Her Majesty's Lady-in-Waiting, p. 171.  Reprinted in Orthodox Word, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, Ca.,  Vol. 34, No.5 (202) Sept-Oct, 1998,p. 215).

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